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The Mayhem, Magic and

Miracles of (My) Life

#LivewithNat and Lesley Thomas 

Another happy and inspiring week for everyone!


Today's call features another fabulous author, Lesley Thomas, the author of Finding Fabulous Over 60: Overcoming Trauma and Addiction, Weight Loss That Finally Worked, Detaching from a Nightmare Relationship 

During her 67+ years on planet earth, Lesley has experienced not only magic and miracles, but also the depths of despair and torment from the disease of addiction.

For the last 25+ years Lesley has also been on an extensive, and often extremely challenging, spiritual & personal development journey. In addition, she has 15+ years experience working with women in twelve step recovery and the disease of addiction. 

Sober now since 21 March, 2006, Lesley’s clean lifestyle has seen her transform into a fit, vibrant 67 year old woman. Lesley’s own spiritual and personal development has strengthened her highly intuitive & empathic nature, which enhances her work with others as she taps into her past experiences to shine a light on the unspoken.

Be inspired by her story...

3 Key take-aways:

*There is life after death as evidenced by true stories of amazing visit from each parent after their deaths

*Miracles happen as evidenced by actual physical and vocal miracles  received to end two addictions *Love and Forgiveness really are the secrets to a magical life

Get to know more about Lesley Thomas by visiting her website here:


Nat xx

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