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Grow Your Own Big Little Business!

#LivewithNat and Jayne Arlett

"Authors are Business Owners Too!"

Hello everybody!  Another happy Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of the Ultimate 48 Hour Authors, Jayne Arlett.

Jayne is one of North Queensland’s mostprominent businesswomen and has been actively involved in the local businesscommunity for the past 25 years.

Jayne built her group of businesses inallied health and retail from start-up through to a $10million turnover, beforeselling to a large multinational company. 

Whilst building her businesses, she had aparallel career as a Board Director with large organisations (>$1biiionturnover) helping her develop and refine a high-level strategic mindset.

Jayne now operates a business growth andstrategy consultancy, helping other businesses achieve sustainable growth. 

Jayne grew her career through the times ofbreaking the “Glass Ceiling” and is passionate about supporting women to “Havetheir Voice” and to succeed. She is actively involved in mentoring programs to support women in Business. 

She authored her first book - Big Little Business (December 2020 release) and is about to release her 6-week “Grow your Own Little Business” course. Watch the Interview below!

Hope you enjoyed the talk, here's some take-aways Jayne has given:

1. Authors are Business Owners Too!

o If you plan on selling even one book – you are running a business!

o It’s easy to treat your authoring journey like a ‘hobby’, but it can be whatever you want it to be – and it can be profitable if that’s what your intention is.

o I have spoken to many authors with boxes of unsold books in their house, waiting for them to magically sell themselves

o Once you set a direction for your authoring business and some goals, you can set a strategy and make it happen!

2. How Big Business Thinking can help solopreneurs

o Most authors are solopreneurs – you can still be a successful business!

o Start by thinking like a business – ‘Big Business Thinking’

o You are the CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing and People manager of your business – even if it is just you

o Caring our just an hour a week to think strategically about your business will set you in the right path

3. The Power of the Magic Budget

o Once you begin thinking like a business, lets set some direction and goals

o From a financial perspective, we will set a budget

o I call all budgets “The Magic Budget” as, when used properly, they are lifechanging in terms of motivation and achieving growth

Catch our regular morning lives every Monday 9am Melbourne time. 

Love Nat xx

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