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A Friend of Mind - The Miracle of Mindfulness

#LivewithNat featuring Simon Gillmore

"A Friend of Mind - Learning to Work with instead of against Our Most Powerful Asset" 

Hello everybody, happy new week! Another  Monday morning live with yours truly, Natasa Denman, featuring one of the Ultimate 48 Hour Authors, Simon Gillmore, the author of “The Control Centre – understanding the nature and function of the subconscious mind”. 

Simon is the head honcho at The Control Centre - A business based around serving people who feel stuck in their lives. The Control Centre is a metaphor for the subconscious mind - the supercomputer behind controlling our experience. And while he is not a trained psychologist, personal development and the subconscious mind has been a lifetime obsession for him. 

In wanting to find ways to deal with his own demons of addiction, depression, and anger issues, he has covered a lot of ground over the years, devouring thousands of hours of material and courses.    He is a practising Life coach for the past 3 years and developed some very simple and easy to understand insights that can be implemented quickly that will help anyone gain more strength, self-assuredness, and control of their lives permanently.

Three key insights from Simon Gillmore: 

The Achilles Heel 

 As powerful as the subconscious mind is, it is not able to tell the difference between what we think is real and what we picture we hold in our imagination. By creating clear mental images, we pre-empt our experience, and can trick the mind of the life that we’ve ‘already had.’ 

Open your eyes 

Our mind is designed to spot differences in the environment. But it can only see what we tell it to look for. If we don’t have a clear vision of who we want to become and how we want our lives to look, how can we ever see it. This powerful mind needs a road map - an idea of what looks good to us, what to look for.

 The miracle of mindfulness 

 There is a reason this practice that has existed for thousands of years is coming back in vogue, and is touted to hold the key to curing all forms of mental illness. It evokes a deep sense of peace and connects us with the creative realm where our life situations can be realised as the ‘mind made’ narratives they truly are. A made-up story that can be changed as easily as the stroke of a pen. 


1. Self-improvement/Change 

2. Prioritising 

3. Control 

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