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Sober is the new Black

#LivewithNat and Carol Jones

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her transformed authors, Carol Jones.

Carol Jones calls herself a very grateful recovering alcoholic! After destructively drinking her way through her teens and 20’s, the day finally came when she said ‘Enough is Enough!When she apprehensively tip-toed through the doors of AA over 2 decades ago, Carol heard a very grim statistic that only 2% of alcoholics get given the gift of sobriety; and of that 2%, only 2% remain sober for the first 2 years! A very sobering fact indeed; no pun intended! Carol vowed & declared that she would do whatever it took to remain sober, and if she made that 2-year milestone she would write a book about it to help others do the same! Since that life-changing day in 1993, Carol has witnessed numerous men & women coming in and out of AA rooms… abstaining from alcohol for a short time… only to be seduced back to the liquid poison again; lured back by the false hope that things will be different this time & the boozing won’t get out of control. Fresh off the press is her promised book; ‘A Sober Lifestyle - Surviving the First 2 years & Beyond’. This easy & engaging read was born to help give relief & hope to anyone wanting to finally break free from the shackles of the cunning, baffling and powerful demon drink. 

3 sober takeaways: 1: Alcoholism doesn't discriminate 2: There is hope for those struggling with alcohol dependency 3: That family, friends & healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of addiction Get Carol's book at these links: Australia: International: Find us at

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