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7 Steps to Having Your Wildest Dreams Come True

#LivewithNat and Kav Sequeira

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Kav Sequeira.

Kaveri is a certified WILDFIT coach who has been leading groups of people through the WILDFIT Challenge. She has successfully helped different clients achieve their transformation dreams. This follows her health transformation with WILDFIT in 2019. When Kaveri discovered WILDFIT, it changed her life. She decided to become a certified coach to help other people achieve the same results. This coaching business is now her passion. Kaveri is also an organisational change consultant and business strategist with more than fifteen years of experience in large organisations, including the top four banks/financial institutions in Australia – influencing operational efficiency, customer solutions and organisational growth. In a person’s transformational journey, Kaveri applies her knowledge for business transformation, as well as what she now knows about health and nutrition. She has studied Food as Medicine at Monash University, focusing on nutritional science. Kaveri is also a certified meditation and mindfulness coach, with a focus on yoga.

3 Key takeaways:

*Why is it important to evolve and grow in life? *How to change your life trajectory despite how stuck you are at present in 7-steps? *Why is health the place to start? Learn more about Kav Sequeira and her book here: Find us at

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