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SASS & STYLE - How it Helps through Challenging Times

#LivewithNat and Moana Robinson

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her sassy authors, Moana Robinson.

Moana Robinson has a mission… to empower others to glow from the inside out. As an mBIT Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Personal Stylist, she uses her skills to take women on a journey to discover their best life and style.

Moana is the author of the Amazon No.1 Bestseller “B Styled for Life - Living with Sass and Style Over 50” and currently writing her second book about overcoming challenges...

Moana loves to support women over 40 discover their true colours, style and inside beauty to look, feel and be the best they can be. Let's watch her interview below...

Here's the 3 Key takeaways for you:

*How to look your best *How to feel your best *How to be your best Learn more about Moana Robinson and her book here: Find us at

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