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Seats of Suicide an SOS to Humanity

#LiveWithNat and Jodi Murray

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her very inspiring authors, Jodi Murray.

Jodi Murray is the author of Seats of Suicide. She has written this book as her mother committed suicide in 1999, leaving her feeling abandoned, isolated and traumatised.

After many years of dealing with the consequential effects of such event and encountering her own life experiences that resulted in her needing to manage the complexities of CPTSD, Jodi has decided to document the perceptual strategies that she has utilised to improve the relationship with herself and her relations with others.
Although Jodi does not have formal psychological qualifications, the strategies that she presents concentrate on human behaviour and perceptions that every individual can adopt to help themselves and others to overcome a multitude of general mental health and relational challenges. Watch Jodi's interview below...

Key Takeaways:
1. How to empower individuals within their own sense of self to alleviate emotional overwhelm

2. How to recognise the importance of teaching ourselves and consequently our young about basic human psychology

3. How to allow people to recognise and harness individual powers and abilities that impact personal, familial, societal and generational mental health fitness and resilience.

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