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Healing from Unhealthy Relationships

#LiveWithNat & Tracey Grace

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her bestselling authors, Tracey Grace.

Tracey is a Holistic Trauma Therapist, Mental Health Practitioner, Author and Motivational Speaker with lived experience in navigating the impacts of unhealthy relationships, dysfunctional family dynamics, low self-worth and childhood adversity. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling book ‘The Depth of Her Survival’ - From Adversity to Empowerment - Healing from Unhealthy Relationships.

Tracey is an animal lover and a devoted mother to 2 children whom she is currently independently raising. Prior to transitioning into the mental health space, she spent almost 2 decades of her career working in various managerial Medical and Health & Safety roles within the Defence Force as well as the private sector in heavy industry.

Tracey’s own life experiences led her to find her life path and align with her soul’s purpose in supporting others to heal from trauma. She is passionate about guiding people through healing the root cause of their mental health symptoms so they can move out of survival mode and into a life where they thrive. She supports people through her work in one-on-one sessions, intensive healing programs, retreats, and workshops.

Besides supporting people all over the world with her healing work, Tracey also speaks at events about trauma and adversity while residing on the Gold Coast in Australia. Watch her interview below...

Key Takeaways:
1. How our unconscious belief system plays out in our life patterns and experiences
2. How adversity and trauma can be a catalyst from profound growth and transformation in your life
3. How to support yourself or a loved one in stepping away from an unhealthy relationship

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