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Is He Ever Going to Leave His Wife?

#LiveWithNat & Martess Dowling

New episode for my Monday morning live featuring one of our Amazon Bestselling authors, Martess Dowling.

Martess Dowling "Marty" is a wife of 40 years, a mother and a creative entity that has worked in some unusual professions, from an award-winning Cake Decorator, and a Tarot Reader. Recently, she became a Marriage Celebrant and certified Amazon Bestselling Author.

As a Tarot reader, Marty became fascinated with the dynamics within relationships, especially how desperate people were for answers to their unhappy situations. Hence, in wanting to help the countless people she spoke with, it prompted her to research all facets of relationships.

Marty's’ first book ‘Is He Ever Going to Leave His Wife?’ has come to fruition to give valuable insight, and practical solutions to empower those women in a relationship with a married man.

Using humour and empathy, ‘Is He Ever Going to Leave His Wife?’ helps equip everyone with the skills to make sound decisions, make oneself a priority, and empower oneself for a better life with or without that married man.

Key Takeaways:

1. You will be able to look at your situation from a fresh perspective.
- Strategies to cope with your situation.
- Positive ways to deal with uncertainties.
- Recognise the difference between an ‘excuse’ compared to a ‘reason’ why he can’t leave?

2. Become more empowered as a woman
- Learn to take back your power
- Understand and positively deal with the patterns he has established with you.
- Steps to take to protect yourself.

3. What not to do:
- Contact his wife.
- Become pregnant.
- Take revenge.

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