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Overcome Fear to Set & Get Your Goal the Aligned Woman’s Way

#LivewithNat & Diane McKendrick with Michelle Saunderson

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her three-time bestselling authors, Diane McKendick, as joined by her sister Michelle Saunderson, who was an ex-Police Officer and Science lover.

Starting with a dream and no clear path, Diane faced significant challenges, including depression, anxiety, and alcoholism, while navigating the corporate world as a young, accomplished professional. As a recovering overachiever on autopilot and a former athlete with extremely high expectations, she felt the pressure in all areas of life.

Despite feeling petrified and like an imposter, Diane made a vow to write a book and start a podcast for other professional women and entrepreneurs. These women, much like Diane and Michelle, knew in their hearts they had so much to offer the world but were often stopped by fear, autopilot behavior, or feelings of imposter syndrome.

Fast forward a few years, Diane has achieved remarkable success using the very process they are eager to share. She has published three books, run world-class sold-out retreats, released nearly 200 podcast episodes, launched a sterling silver jewelry range, customized and created a clean protein powder, run online courses, and built a million-dollar business—all while working from home with two kids.

Currently, Diane, along with her sister Michelle, runs a business called Those2Sisters, which offers transformational coaching programs.


3 Key Takeaways:

1. Clarity

2. Action Plan

3. Long Term sustainable RESULTS


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