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Dim Sum Stories from the Heart

#LiveWithNat & Chuping Yu

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Chuping Yu.

Writing a book was Chuping’s intention to pass on her legacy, and her recently published book “Dim Sum Stories from the Heart” is exactly that. She wants to embody her "FUNKY GRANNY" persona. She is applying the takeaways from the BAM sessions, shedding the fears that have held her back, and putting the fun back into her life.

Chuping short stories are memories of overcoming diversity to achieve her goals. Her writing has been influenced by self-help books, particularly "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay and "Chicken Soup for the Soul." She also identifies herself as a holistic artist (massage therapist/healer) and a food detective, with almost 40 years of experience teaching adult cooking classes, a skill developed from her passion for eating.

Unknown to others, Chuping’s multimedia artworks have been exhibited, showcasing her as a Jill of many trades. She has realized that her methodology, born from personal growth and self-love, is not always conventional, but it has allowed her to become a published author. This young-at-heart spring chicken is bursting with potential ideas and opportunities, all delivered with a distinctive Kiwi accent. Her motto remains: if she's not having fun, she's not doing it right!


You can find Chuping's Book "Dim Sum Stories from the Heart" on Amazon and other various online book stores and sites.


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