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My Perfect Storm: Confronting the Past, Embracing the Future

#LiveWithNat & Scott Brearley

Another great interview session with Natasa Denman featuring one of her very inspiring authors from Canada, Scott Brearley.After surviving a near-fatal car accident at age seven, followed by a tumultuous life marked by alcohol and drug abuse, family and physical traumas, divorce, prostate cancer, and diabetes, Scott found himself on the brink of ending it all several times. However, he made a pivotal decision. Delving deep within himself, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Through numerous personal development courses, addiction programs, and trauma therapy, coupled with earning a Life Coach certification, he equipped himself with invaluable tools and strategies to navigate the amazing journey called LIFE.

In his memoir, "My Perfect Storm," Scott recounts the chapters of his life fraught with feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, misfortune, and a pervasive belief in cosmic hostility. Yet, propelled by a newfound sense of purpose, he embarked on a new life chapter. With a mission to harness his past experiences and personal growth, Scott aspires to empower others, both men and women, to uncover their inner strength.

Scott’s favourite philosophy - it’s all a choice.



1. Overcoming Adversity during Life’s Ultimate Challenges

2. Personal Growth and Healing & Finding Purpose

3. Relationships & Love


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