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My Wheel Chair: My Journey of Coming Back Up on My Feet

#LiveWithNat Featuring Wael Ibrahim

Hello everybody! Happy New Week! Today, I am with another awesome author Wael Ibrahim.

Wael Ibrahim is the founder of the Aware Academy, which is a platform dedicated to helping those who are struggling with pornography addiction. He is the author of several books, namely:

CHANGE: A motivational system to break free from undesirable habits, especially pornography

Beat it: 50 Plus Shades of Hope

Better Me: 365 Ways to Transform Your Everyday Life

AWARE: Find Out Who You are Without Porn

Wael Ibrahim is a certified Master life coach and currently is the student counselor of the Australian Islamic College in Perth/Australia.

Today's 3 takeaways:

1) How to view comfort and days of ease

2) How to deal with discomfort and pain

3) How to convert negative into positive

Watch the interview below...

Hope you got some value from this interview, til next week!


Nat xx