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Finding Strength in the Dark

#LivewithNat Featuring Annette Pearson

Hello everybody! Another happy new week!

Today, on our usual Morning live, we will be featuring one of the Ultimate 48 Hour Authors from the USA, Annette Pearson

 Annette is a wife, mother, daughter, a survivor, strength coach and the best-selling author of “Finding Strength In the Dark”. 

 Finding Strength In the Dark is Annette’s memoir and takes the reader through a journey of her life, her dreams, hopes, loves and darkest hurdles. Annette breathes lives into her clients and her readers by influencing strength, hope, love, faith and laughter. 


1) Strength is inside each of us 

2) Joy is a choice 

3) Belief is an action

Thank you very much for watching!

Catch Annette Pearson via her Facebook Page to learn more and via her Instagram account @annette_pearson_strengthauthor

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See you next week!


Nat xx