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My Romance with Crypto

Live with Natasa Denman and Susan Banhegyi

Hello everybody! Here we are again on our Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of the Ultimate 48 Hour Authors, Susan Banhegyi.

As a Serial entrepreneur, Susan has run severalmulti-million-dollar ventures during her varied career, stemming from hercommitment to excellence, with a focus on projects that promote Social Good& Conscious Capitalism, including sustainable design, slow fashion, organicfood production, property development, and in the last few years, the crypto space.

Susan Banhegyi’s mission, as the Founder of Crypto WomenGlobal, is to educate 1 Million women to learn how to safely navigate the cryptospace, and to fund Women's projects around the world to help lift women and their communities, out of poverty.

3 Key Takeaways:

1. Why women need crypto

2. How Decentralisation will change the world

3. The Future of Money: the difference between DigitalCurrencies & Crypto

Check Susan Banhegyi's website here:

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Nat xx

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