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How Financially Literate Are You

Live with Natasa Denman and Helen Williams

How Financially Literate Are You?

Hello everybody! Today, let's talk about financial literacy with one of our successful authors, Helen Williams. Helen Williams is a former PA, or “herder of cats” and a wealth advisor. She has spent nearly five decades building up her own personal savings and superannuation so that she could retire a millionaire. Her Amazon #1 Best Selling book, Retirement Ready: What They Don’t Teach That You Need to Know, is chock full of actionable knowledge and high-quality information that can help people, but especially women, become confident in their own financial wellbeing. Today Helen loves to work with women to help them become their own millionaires. She knows if she can do it, then so can anyone, and she wants to spread the message that simple, actionable steps can get you there. She does this with her own brand of humour, and her unique, irreverent style. 

Helen's Key Takeaways:

1. Test your own financial knowledge – what do you know? 2. Map out your goals 3. Why it pays to have a plan of action Thank you very much for watching, catch our regular morning lives every Monday 9am Melbourne time. 


Nat xx

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