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Rising Like the Phoenix

#LivewithNat and Hrisanthi Dokos

Another Monday morning live featuring one of my fearless authors, Hrisanthi Dokos.

Hrisanthi is a first-time published author of her own writings. She has spent a lifetime writing poetry, anonymous blogs and kept a journal from the time she was a teenager.

Hrisanthi has had a full life: a businesswoman, educator, wife, mother and decided to take the plunge and follow her heart to become an author. She wrote
Getting Out: Claim Your Life After Narcissistic Abuse over the past year and it came hot off the press at the beginning of June! She joined Ultimate 48 Hour Author in February last year as she wanted the benefit of mentorship throughout the process of writing. As an English teacher in her previous life, she was confident in writing, but needed a way to navigate the inevitable blocks and publishing.

Hrisanthi now offers courses to women about developing their sense of self, particularly if they have experienced toxic relationships such as narcissistic abuse. She speaks at forums, mentors’ women, as well as collaborating with US author Amanda Blackwood in broadcasting the podcast Growth from Darkness. She is currently pre-recording a second podcast about freedom, with two other women.

Hrisanthi’s next project is creating two blogs - one on trauma linked into the Growth from Darkness podcast and the second one called What fucks me off and other ramblings. Stay tuned for that one!

3 Key Takeaways

1. You can overcome trauma
2. You're never too old to start something new
3. You can do whatever you put your mind to!

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