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Invest and Focus – Put the Blinkers On

We all know that to get faster results we need to learn from those that have done what we want to do.  Usually investing in system or a blueprint to learn how to do something is a lot smarter use of our precious time and efforts in building our businesses.  I have found the majority of people fall into the first 4 categories and those who succeed are in the top 1% who follow the rules of the fourth category.  So what are these categories you say?

Category 1: I just need to make a few more sales and then I will work with this mentor or invest in this program

The reason you are not going to get those clients anytime soon is because you don’t have a successful process that a mentor or program will teach you.  You will most likely take 10-20 times longer and waste so much precious time in disappointment and frustration.  Waiting till your ducks line up never works as a successful strategy.  Your ducks line up when you take the leap of faith and commit

Category 2: I know everything – I don’t need anyone’s help.  People who buy expensive coaching and programs are being ripped off.

For you I have no solution.  After all you know everything!  I did know a person like that who took 10 times longer to get to where they wanted than me because they said they could figure it out themselves.  I gotta give it to that person – at least they had the persistence to make the mistakes and keep going even if it took that long.  Most people though who know everything, almost always do nothing.  Knowledge is one thing, implementation another.

Category 3: I believe in investing in myself and my business and mentors and programs will make my business a success. And I will do it as much as I possibly can until I go broke.

For you investing is not the problem.  You take the leap of faith and you do that way too frequently.  So frequently you don’t have any time to implement anything that mentor or program has been teaching you.  You feel great when the next shiny thing syndrome comes along, you love people and learning and you are not scared to make an investment.  Then you get confused.  So many different ideas from these mentors and programs – you don’t know who’s to follow.  You start feeling guilty you have not put anything in action because ‘A Confused mind will always say ‘No’ and your partner is probably super pissed off with you as they are not seeing any ROI for the hard earned money being taken away from the family without anything to show for it.  There are so many people like this – investing, learning, defaulting on program, not following through and simply just moving from one thing to the next until the money runs dry.

Category 4: Invest – Learn - Implement - Adjust – Succeed

The only one of the successful categories and mindset to build a successful business and life.  These individuals understand investing is an important part of life.  If you don’t there really isn’t that much commitment and skin in the game to take action.  They also look to invest in the best.  They learn – they take action.  Not all action is successful, not all advice you get given will be magical and the thing that will work.  We know from marketing its all test and measure.  So they adjust but they know they will make a lot less mistakes with someone’s help and expertise than on their own.  They persist and look for ways to change what they are doing until it works.  They put the blinkers on – they follow one person or one programs advice until the ROI is there until they thing of doing anything else.  Its as simple as that – or is it?

The worst thing I see is people asking for business advice on social media and then they get given 15-20 ideas from various coaches and mentors.  You know what – there are 1000 different ways to skin a cat.  The more opinions you get the more you will get confused and do nothing.  So stop it – put the blinkers on and do the work.

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Work Hard – Play Hard!

Love Nat x

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