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3 Keys to Surviving and Thriving on the Road to Business Success

Faith, Gratitude & Patience

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Before I started in business I knew what one of the above stood for (Patience – even though I didn’t have much of it) but the other two I had no idea about. The game of business and doing something that is unpredictable, unstable and filled with more lows than highs at the beginning is challenging to say the least.

It has been said that becoming a business owner will be your biggest personal development journey you will undertake. They say mindset will be your biggest obstacle to overcome, more so than sales and marketing which are also super important. Ain’t that the truth.

So lets have a look at the 3 wisdoms we must practice daily when in business.

FAITH – this one is not particularly related to any religion per say, but it means having the belief that things will work out the way they are supposed to. I don’t know about you, but being in a job I didn’t practice much faith and belief – I didn’t need to. I knew what would happen day in and day out and never worried when the next pay check would come from. In business we have ebbs and flows – we things are not going well sometimes they come in three’s and knock you right of your high horse that you may have been riding.

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There are moments of lull when one year finishes and another starts – will I be able to perform the same, better or will it all fall apart and I will have to shut my business down. I don’t’ think this feeling of losing everything ever goes away when its your own business. You worry, you imagine doom and gloom and prepare for the worst.

This is obviously Fear rearing its ugly head. No one is immune to fear – its just the way you handle it that it counts. As Fear and Faith live in different parts of our brain we cannot focus on one if we are focusing on the other. I choose Faith and Action daily and Fear dissipates and reduces its effect on me.

GRATITUDE – Another mindset essential that cannot be focused on at the same time as fear. So why be grateful? Because the more we are the more our focus is on the awesome things we have over the things that are missing, the more we see abundance in our lives in many shapes an forms. Gratitude can be practiced first thing in the morning, last thing before you go to sleep, you can choose to journal about it or recently I did a 30 day challenge in a Facebook Group called Thank and Grow Rich which came as a result of the recently published book of that name.

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Gratitude is so powerful as it induces happiness and feelings of being full and fulfilled. The more we feel that way, the more others want what we are having. States of mental funk can be overcome with upping your practice of gratitude and appreciation. Remember that live happens for you not to you – what you are given or what is taken away is all part of what you need to learn to grow.

PATIENCE – I am learning more and more about this one each year I get older. Those that know me, know I am the Ultimate 48 Hour Author, my values are Fun, FAST, Fame and Family and patience unfortunately is a clash with those values. But I know to just breathe, take a step back and remind myself that people don’t move quite as fast as I do or I like them to. I know as long as I add value consistently and deliver fast results for my clients I will also attract that in turn. Nothing is outside of us, what we attract is what we are. I am blessed to work with clients that like to move fast and want to learn through the values I deliver my services.

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So there you go – this is foundational, but so powerful. These are my fall back strategies when I am not feeling myself and they are my daily practices. I hope you will take them on board. You will love how your business and life will start to feel. And remember to love and live life to the fullest:

Work Hard – Play Hard!

Love Nat x

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