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When You Start Doubting if Your Business is Your Passion,

What is really going on?

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Many times I’ve heard people declare that they are no longer passionate about their business.  They use phrases like: ‘It’s not really sitting with me well’ or ‘I am not feeling it’ or ‘It’s not what I thought it would be like’ or ‘There is too much competition out there with what I do’ and so on….

I then ask the question: If you were generating a six-figure income or more from doing what you love (which is this business) would you be enjoying it?  Most of the time I get a pause or silence and then a response – ‘Well yes of course.’  To which I respond ‘So why aren’t you working towards that?’ 

There are millions of different ways to build a successful business and millions of different ways to innovate and refine your message until people that you love to work start to get it.  You most likely just having nailed your messaging and client acquisition system.  Here is a list of things I did to refine and discover a model that I am fully aligned with.  It took me 3.5 years to get to it – I evolved, innovated and continue to do so.  After all I want to be better each year and keep it fresh and current for my current and future clients.

  • I did networking twice a week (2 Events)
  • Consistently added value on Social Media
  • Started a Facebook Group that has now grown to 13500 members
  • Ran my own events (now up to 50 a year)
  • Spoke at other peoples events (now also at 50 a year)
  • I did seek out introduction to JV partners
  • I gave away a ton of stuff for FREE in the early days
  • I wrote 7 books
  • I got Media
  • I hired experts to help me
  • I invested in courses and resources to learn shortcuts
  • I took a risk and persisted until FB advertising started to work
  • I said ‘yes’ to every opportunity and interview
  • I got way more ‘no’s than yes’s on my journey
  • I did marketing that does not work like letter box drops and ads in flyers
  • I kept changing and noticing peoples reaction to my pitch.
  • I created 10-20 lead magnets until I found the one that works like magic
  • I turned up to everything that was scheduled
  • I worked on my mindset and did personal development
  • I sorted through my money limiting beliefs
  • I took leaps of faith to get my business going nationally and this year internationally
  • I doubted myself but kept going
  • I sacrificed time with my son and husband the first 2 years
  • I had mummy guilt and still do to make it work
  • I committed to breastfeed baby 2 & 3 until they were 1 in between clients, networking and travel.
  • I ran events when I was super sick and no one knew
  • I committed when others committed to me
  • I got up even when I didn’t feel like it

Even if you do a quarter of what I have just listed you will see a difference in your business. If you add Consistency to those strategies you choose you will see regular sales, clients and revenue month in and month out. The biggest commitment you ever make in your life is that to your own success and development. The commitment to others is much easier. Honoring your own not so much. Don’t let yourself down – you have to live with you.

Do things that make you proud of yourself!

Work Hard – Play Hard!

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Love Nat x

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