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How To Use Mentoring Powerfully

You know you need it, you may have it but are you using it to its full potential?

Having a coach or mentor is key to success in business.  Learning from others mistakes, investing in shortcuts and being guided especially in the early days when mental funk strikes is essential if you are to make your business viable.  In the early days we need more mindset work before we move into more strategy work.  I wanted to write today's blog because I feel and believe I have used and found mentoring to be super beneficial and critical to my growth.  There are 3 areas I would like to shed some light on:

  1. ​How to Find a Mentor/Coach
  2. How to Use a Mentor
  3. How to Move on from one to the next mentor


This one is a bit odd for me, I haven't done the standard ask, interview and decide on who to hire.  I have come from the experience of 'When the Student is ready the Mentor will turn up'  I have paid close attention to what and who is around me and when I have met that person it has been obvious I have wanted to work with them by the end of the conversation.  I tend to notice what they say, what they have achieved themselves and if there are aspects of what they are saying that I am curious to learn more about.  

I am curious what type of other work they have done and ultimately if it feels right to move forward with this person.   That is how it's happened with me.  I tend not to do too much googling or background checks and trust my intuition more.  That's not to say you shouldn't, it's just been my experience.  Another thing that also works well is to ask for recommendations from those around you.  Pay attention if someone is recommending a mentor, what types of results have they achieved themselves as well.  


This is where a lot of business owners I feel get unstuck and don't achieve the results they set out to achieve.  Here are the mistakes which I believe will teach you what to do instead:

  • When you hire a mentor, put the blinkers on and listen to them and what they advise.  There are many different ways to skin a cat and listening to too many experts will only get you confused.  So many I see hire someone to help them and then they start listening to those around them that actually have no idea about business, have not achieved success or other mentors that may have a different methodology.  This is a waste of time, energy and thinking space.  Focus and do what your mentor says and put the blinkers on to everyone else.
  • Following on from do what your mentor says, a lot of people have their own ideas on what they should do.  If you hire someone, you have hired them because you need their help so LISTEN and DO!  They generally will know better then you what is the best next step.  Always do what your mentor tells you first, then when that is completed you can do extra work that you want to.  Your Mentors homework and instructions come first every time.
  • Decide you will move your own Mountain.  Your mentor will not do the work for you, I've seen so many times people thinking they have solved their problem simply because they have invested or hired someone to help.  Your mentor will help you, but they won't do the work for you and create miracles.  It is you that has to do that work, get uncomfortable and push through to reach your success.  Your mentor is your support, tweaker and guide to a certain point.  They won't move your mountain for you.
  • Don't waste your money.  Decide on a return on investment you'd like to get from working with someone and get to work.  I have never once invested in someone one on one or in a program that I just left sitting on shelf... What a waste that would be.  No journey is easy especially when you have someone telling you to do things you are not comfortable with.  The journey is worth it when you do and then decide if its working or not.
  • Be proactive - I have mentored people in the past when they have come to me with nothing session after session.  It felt like pulling teeth.  Go into your sessions prepared and ready with questions and actions you want to report back on.  You may not get through everything but it means you care about how you utilise the time your have with your mentor.  I always have questions and an agenda I want to get through in my sessions.


There will come a time that you will either outgrow your mentor or you may like to learn something different from someone else.  This is great health way to stay sharp and learn new things.  You will know naturally when it is the right time to move on.  I found on journey I has three one on one mentors that helped and thought me different things and nowadays I look for more niched mentors that will teach me around solving more specific problems that will add value to my business.  

Mentors can be someone our observe and learn from from afar, someone you hire to work with you one on one or someone that is in a one to many (group) capacity. It's great to have a variety as there are different styles and dynamics of learning. Most importantly don't get stuck in a cycle of learning, you must take action as well. Learning without doing disappears from your memory super fast. Don't waste time or money if you are not committed or coachable. Aim to be your mentors best mentee - make them proud, its way more fun...

Love Nat x

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