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How to Become Your own Magic Silver Bullet

Live with Nat & Suzi Hammond

Hello everybody! Welcome back to our Monday morning live with Natasa Denman! In this episode, I am delighted to present to you one of our amazing authors, Suzanna "Suzi" Hammond.

Suzi is well known in Sydney’s Inner West as a holistic healer and ‘People Renovator’. Her studio business, Islands of Bliss, specialises in training & treatment across a variety of mind/body modalities, including – transformational & remedial bodywork, post-op lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, remedial skincare, pain relief nutrition, stress management, Tai Chi falls prevention & strength training for the over 50s. 

As a Holistic bodywork therapist, Suzi has written a practical, easy-to-read and often hilarious book for anyone who’s ready to embrace the basics of their own health. On top of that, she also practices Reiki across a variety of species, including cats, dogs, horses, birds, lizards, possums, goldfish – as well as humans. Suzi believes in little more than a decade, that the digital world has made a profound impact upon all our lives & the systems we rely on. How we became so quickly dependent upon the daily digital influence, that we forgot our human bodies are essentially analogue – i.e., variable, rather than fixed – is a mystery.  Watch the amazing interview below...

Key takeaways: • How digitisation is affecting our mental, physical & planetary health • How to become your own ‘Magic Silver Bullet’ • Why knowing how your body works is a valuable life skill – if you want to feel better 6 short weeks from now Get to know more about Suzi at


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