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Wellbeing – No Dieting or Exercise Required!

#LivewithNat & Bernie Goulding

Another great Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of my amazing authors, Bernie Goulding!

Bernie Goulding is a Fijian Australian nurse, educator, speaker, and author of the ‘Colour Outside The Lines, One Girl, Two Tribes,’ and ‘Children Of The 12 Tribes.’  She spent a decade in the Pacific, initially as a public health sister volunteering in remote Fijian villages and learning the importance of language, connection, culture and traditional medicine on Indigenous health.  

With the Fiji Red Cross, Bernie developed the UN Peacekeepers War Injuries Program, introduced community training for prisoners, coordinated emergency response following natural disasters and created the Fiji Swim Program, teaching thousands of children water safety and lifesaving skills. Bernie now lives in Melbourne with her husband John and their three children.  She is a national Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Leader and Director of Diversity Network Australia, a social enterprise that publishes stories and provides diversity and wellbeing learning programs for schools, communities and workplaces.


Hope you guys enjoyed the talk, thanks so much for watching!

Key takeaways:

1. Positive relationships and belonging are the most important factors for wellbeing 2. A safety response plan can empower people of minority groups 3. Use the DNA triangle as a framework to build security, belonging, identity, purpose and ultimately wellbeing Get to know more about Bernie at Find us at

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