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Welcome to the End of Exhaustion with Your Baby

Live with Nat & Christine Scheepers

Hello everybody, happy new week! In today's Monday morning live with Natasa Denman, we featured the supermom- author, Christine Scheepers.

Christine is the founder of Happy Sleepers. She is an ICU nurse, midwife, baby sleep specialist, new author, and a mum of 10-year-old twins, Emma and Anthony and they are the reason why she started her business.

As babies, Christine’s kids made her realise how important sleep is and how the lack of it made us a very dysfunctional family. So it became her mission to help other families with their sleep challenges. 

 In 2015, Christine started her Happy Sleepers business and she had already helped more than 1500 families and now she’s here to help YOU. Watch her interview below...


Thank you very much for watching!

Here's our 3 Take-Aways:

• We all need sleep, it’s a basic universal human need – mothers too • It’s ok to ask for help • Improve your baby’s sleep within 48 hours Get to know more about Christine and her business at

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