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Breakthrough After Loss

A Couple’s Journey of Discovering Peace Again

"Breakthrough After Loss - A Couple’s Journey of Discovering Peace Again"

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring the power couple of the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Family, Tani de Guzman Leeper & John Leeper.Tani and John Leeper are the authors of Dear Baby–Our Angel We Lost, Love and Honor Forever and founders of Jake’s Journey Foundation, a non-profit organization providing financial and emotional assistance to the pregnancy loss community in their area. For several years, Tani and John have tirelessly facilitated a peer-peer support group that empowers parents impacted by pregnancy and infant loss to find their voice while navigating grief. Having suffered two miscarriages and a stillbirth, they know first-hand the monumental heartache and the ultimate gift of finding hope, peace, and their greatest purpose. They have learned that healing comes from taking positive steps over time, openly speaking about grief, and having a clear focus and vision for the future. An engaging and inspiring powerful duo, they draw from each other through successes and adversities. They offer a relatable message that is an inspiration to others.


• Grieving the same thing, but grieving it differently (how men and women handle grief) • Importance of forming healing connections • Living out our new purpose: Leaving a Legacy Catch our regular morning lives every Monday 9am Melbourne time, thanks for watching. 

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