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From Broken to Believing

Breaking through the Shackles of Emotional Abuse

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her inspiring authors, Ajok Aguot.
Ajok Aguot is the author of From Broken to Believing - Breaking through the Shackles of Emotional Abuse. She is passionate about helping women heal, both emotionally and spiritually. Her message is to share a roadmap to achieving confidence, connection and living a life of purpose.

Ajok has just published her book and she hopes to inspire and helping others through emotional healing, build confidence and self-love. She wants to empower women to take back their power within while encouraging them to grow their faith and build a connection with God.

Ajok is a single mother to her beautiful 4-year-old boy Riel that she loves and adores so much. She loves being a mother to her son as he brings joy and laughter each day.

Ajok grew up in a refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya before migrating to Australia with her family at age thirteen. Following a career in Early Childhood Education, she is now supporting women through her coaching services to heal, rediscover self-love and work through childhood trauma and abuse. Her own story will inspire and give hope to those most in need.

Being a Christian woman who found comfort in her connection with God, Ajok hopes to give women the strength and tools to rebuild and create the life of their dreams. She provides practical steps women can take to move through some of the toughest times that are faced in life. In turn, her audience will be empowered to know what their next step is…

Key Takeaways:
From broken to believing
Finding self-confidence within
Falling in love with yourself

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