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Escaping the Quicksand of Your Isolating Negative Beliefs

#LiveWithNat & Donna Lavill

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Donna Lavill.

Donna Lavill is the author of SEE YOU RECLAIM YOU BE YOU, a badass guide to getting you out of your own head and mastering your life.

Born in the UK, Donna is a biracial, bisexual cis-gendered woman. Her adoptive parents emigrated to Australia, away from any connection to Jamaican race and culture. She felt alone, a misfit in stereotypical Australia. This intersectionality lets her to relate to, and be an amazing ally to diverse groups.

Donna experienced an array of traumas - the death of friends and family, sexual assaults, death threats, discrimination, bullying, and divorce. These left her emotionally and physically broken. Thus, she has learned skills and techniques not just to recover her self-esteem, but to thrive.

Working in various high-stress careers helped her harness and hone these techniques, finding them applicable to all aspects of her life such as trauma surgical nursing, acting, and singing. These are the strategies she now passes on in her book and speaking engagements. Her goal is to guide everyone around her to tap into their inner badass and succeed.

Key Takeaways:
• Recognising, Understanding, challenging, and banishing the ANTs
• Loving you - development of your own self-belief.
• Goal setting and planning to achieve your dreams

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