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Family Superpowers in a Lunchbox

Live with Nat and Kerry Coleman

Hello everybody! Welcome to our new Monday morning live featuring a Nutrition Health Coach, Kerry Coleman, one of our amazing authors.

Kerry Coleman has a broad lived experience including but not limited to:

• Working in family Green grocery and Health Food Shop 

• Home-birth mum • Home-school mum • Birthing support person • Cruising Yachtie mum • Lifeline phone counsellor • Merchandiser • Mature-age student • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach • Bachelor of Learning Management graduate • Early Years school teacher • Education Officer in a Child and Family Centre • Playgroup facilitator Kerry has spent much of the past 35 years raising her own children and supporting families of young children in their years. Excited to enter the world of teaching after graduating at 52, Kerry found that much of her time was spent managing her students’ behaviours. She studied integrative nutrition health coaching and what she learned helped with her own health but along the way she made the connection between what she was seeing in school lunchboxes and the peaks and slumps in energy and moodiness of the kids in her classes.   Over a decade of teaching and working with young families Kerry also discovered that many parents may not fully understand their role as first educators of their children and is passionate about encouraging parents of young children in that role. Walking away from teaching at the end of 2019, Kerry has reinvented herself as an author with her first book, The Superpower Lunchbox, which arms parents with loads of great tips that help them support their children’s development as learners and to thrive at school. There is a simple 5 step guide to creating a satisfying and nourishing lunchbox that will keep kids going at school and not take too long to prepare. 

Watch Kerry's interview below...

Key Take-Aways:

1. Keep it Super Simple - feed kids real food from nature most of the time, the five steps are nothing magical - just a simple way to make sure kids are fed real food.

2. We need to get schools on board as well - we can't keep doing things the way we've always done them. We need everyone working together to make a real difference.

3. Knowledge is power. People said, "You'll be preaching to the converted" but I believe when people know there is a better way they will want to do that for their kids. Parents are the key people in making these changes.

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