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Blue Sky after the Storm

#LivewithNat & Melissa Shand

Hey everyone! Here's the new episode of Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of my awesome authors, Melissa Shand.

Melissa Shand is a registered nurse with over thirty years of nursing experience. However, she left nursing at the beginning of the Australian COVID pandemic in March 2020 unaware she was suffering from her own anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

Months before the pandemic, Melissa had signs of low energy and thought she was just being lazy. Drinking more wine and smoking to feel relaxed, but nothing was bringing her joy. Not even running, which was her favourite hobby by far. With no job, nothing driving her and feeling burnout and frustrated, she chose to write her own story, to let her past go. Publishing her book was not part of her immediate plan, just a sign from the universe, saying. Do it, and she did.

3 Key takeaways:

1. Ask for help if you are floundering on your own or feeling scared or lonely to reduce fear and progress forward, not back.

2. Listen to your body and ask it what it is telling you. Example: do you need to face something head-on? Do you have pain? Why? Do you need to change something in your life? 3. Grab a supportive hand or follow someone else’s light who is willing to encourage your progress to reach a new path or journey that is safer platform for you. Get to know more about Melissa at Find us at

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