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Explaining the Unexplained You

#LivewithNat & Jenny Lo Ricco

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her Bestselling authors, Jenny Lo Ricco.

Jenny Lo Ricco is a registered nurse, former clinical nurse specialist in Palliative care, and more widely known for her current career as a bodywork and lymphatic practitioner and clinical and community service educator. 

Jenny is passionate about working through the many layers of why people live in the world the way they do and the discomfort they endure.  She is focused on helping people to become less dependent on the health care system and more dependent on listening to what our physical and mental communicators are saying to us. 

Jenny believes that with the right tools and the right team, many can start to understand what is happening to them and better manage their lives in the process. It is not about curing what cannot be cured. It is about finding all the ways we can work with what we have and regain control over our lives in the process.  Let's watch Jenny's interview below:

3 Key takeaways from the interview:

1. Listen to your body and what it is asking you to face head on. 2. Find the right person to help you. It may not always be the obvious. 3. Watch yourself for the answers and to assess progress with your journey. Learn more about Jenny Lo Ricco and her book here:

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