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Power Your Potential from Stuck to Shazam

#LivewithNat & Mandi Stevenson

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Mandi Stevenson.

Mandi is an Author, Kinesiologist, Spinal Flow Practitioner, and Coach who has a passion for inspiring and empowering people to discover their Aha moments and go from Stuck to Shazam.

A lifetime of working with people through their most challenging times, from drought-stricken farmers, struggling young mums, and clients with health challenges, has led Mandi on a path of discovering solutions including the amazing Redox breakthrough! Mandi’s passion for living her best life led after struggling with her own health challenges when at age 40 she felt like a 70-year-old.  Now at almost 69 she feels like a 40-year-old! Mandi's magic recipe and desire encourages people to power their potential to “Live the Life they Love and Love the Life they Live” connecting Mind, Body and Spirit that is Youniquely you.

Mandi's key takeaways: a. 6 easy steps from Stuck to Shazam b. Discover the magic of the Redox breakthrough c. 2 quick energy boosters. Learn more about Mandi Stevenson and her book here: Find us at

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