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The Deaf Girl

#LivewithNat and Melissa Kilner

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her special authors, Melissa Kilner.

Melissa is the author of 'The Deaf Girl', as well as a single mother to two children, fitness coach & motivational speaker.  

Born profoundly deaf and living in both the deaf and hearing, the world has given Melissa so much opportunity in learning how to speak, read lips and use sign language to communicate her message.  

As a certificated Fitness Coach & Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetic Therapy) graduate, Melissa is a high-energy trainer who loves to train clients.  She has been involved in fitness for many years including bodybuilding, boot camps, F45, Fit stop, full marathons, and personal training.  

Melissa realised fitness was her passion after 20 years as a professional Spa/Beauty therapist while she was involved & training many fitness fields.   Those were her aha moments.   She has shown her determination, courage, and respect in all to strive for more.   

Watch her interview below:


Here are Melissa's 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS:    

1.  Keep talking, keep practicing, and keep meeting new people to improve your speech (or otherwise), and gain confidence. The more you speak, the more you can be able to speak out from your own voice & heart.   

2.  Do what you love to do, listen to your heart and  go for it - always have a go at anything nothing is stopping you. 3.  Don't let anything like my deafness  hold you back.   Just go for it. 

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