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Beyond the Widow

#LivewithNat and Suzanne Gomes

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her resilient authors, Suzanne Gomes.

Suzanne Gomes, before becoming a small business owner, was a corporate executive in one of Australia’s iconic companies. She led various large teams over 25 years and has spoken and chaired several major events.  Suzanne’s life was turned upside down when her husband Robert was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013. Over the last six years, Suzanne’s journal of Robert’s treatment and the diary of her heartache has been turned into her first novel “From Wife to Widow”. Suzanne has spoken to groups about her struggles and her role as Robert’s carer. Her story is about dealing with loss, grief, and love.  Her insights are brave and inspirational and give the audience a raw insight into the reality of dealing with blood cancer. She has enjoyed the journey of bringing this book to reality. She is currently writing her second book “From Corporate to Country” and continues to support widows and widowers. 

Watch her insightful interview below...

Three Key Takeouts:

1. Someone needs to care for the carer.

2. Grief never goes away.  It stays with you and you move forward with it. 

3. Dreams can be fulfilled. It's an emotional roller coaster and it takes time. 

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