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How to Never Fall Off Another Diet - Ever

#LivewithNat and Emma Martin

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her authors, Emma Martin - The Keto Lifestyle Coach.

Emma struggled with yoyo-diets her whole life until a few years ago when she found something that set her free. Assisted by a local doctor - she dropped from a size 18 in stretchy pants to a size 11 jeans in 21 weeks by making ridiculously simple changes. and has maintained it almost effortlessly ever since.  This discovery made her very passionate, and as she shouted the lifestyle from the rooftops, it also transformed many of the people around her. Emma is, by her own admission, "a work in progress" and still has some "cheesecake" to go around the middle. She reckons that's ok. It isn't a race. :) This discovery was powerful enough to cause her to gather information about why she did works. And where on earth we went so wrong as a human race - where we are all getting sicker, fatter, and tired. Emma completed a Diploma of Nutrition and is an accredited Keto Lifestyle Coach in Nutrition and Wellness and helps others on their own journeys to sustainable nutrition. Now, Emma has published the book The F Word in which she shared her amazing stories and valuable insights and guides about weight loss and challenges. What her insightful interview below:

3 Key takeaways:

1. Why fat doesn't make you fat

2. Why it's not your fault you fell off every diet ever 3. Why is there no wagon Learn more about Emma Martin and her book here:

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