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Actualized Recovery

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring the power couple authors, Dave and Susan Kenney.

Dave and Susan Kenney are Co-Founders of Emergo Academy an online community for people struggling with addictions or any major life crisis.

Dave and Susan are not your typical couple. Since 2011 they have lived with, coached, and led more than two thousand people to a heroic life of recovery and vibrant wellbeing.

While leading a team of twenty-six professionals, Dave and Susan have gained an intimate knowledge of people who want to turn their lives around. They have stories of lost hope, tears, anger, fear, laughter, panic, sleepless nights, ending it all, courage and celebrations, and so much more.

Dave and Susan have pioneered Actualized Recovery – The brain-first approach to lasting recovery.

Their book: Actualized Recovery – It’s Not About 12-Steps. Recovery is a Brain Thing. Became an International Best-Seller in 3 countries, across 5 different book categories.

Both Dave and Susan have dedicated their extensive career to helping individuals reclaim their lives after struggles with addictions, substance abuse disorder, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, and other debilitating challenges.

Why? Because they believe everyone has an inspirational comeback story waiting to be lived!


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