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How to Regain Hope after the Death of a Child

Monday Morning live with a gorgeous author, Wendy B King, the author of "WHY ME?".

Wendy King is a remarkable and compassionate human being, an author, mother, and accomplished coach. She channels the profound insights captured in Alice Miller’s quote: "The way we were treated as small children is how we treat ourselves for the rest of our lives, with cruelty or tenderness. We often impose our most agonizing suffering upon ourselves and, later on, our children." Her mission is to aid those struggling to uncover their purpose, often hindered by ingrained childhood belief systems.

Drawing from her own experiences and extensive training, Wendy employs Meta Dynamics™ Coaching, rooted in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and emotional intimacy techniques learned at Australia’s premier coaching institution. Through her work, she offers profound insights into the complexities of the human mind.

Wendy's journey reflects her resilience and inner strength, particularly in the face of profound loss. Having navigated the heartbreaking loss of a child, she intimately understands the depths of despair and the challenging path to healing. This personal journey has shaped her into the empathetic and insightful coach she is today.

In addition to her coaching endeavors, Wendy has achieved success as the no.1 best-selling author on Amazon with her book, ‘Why ME’? How to Regain Hope After the Death of a Child – Your Own Survival Guide.’ In this powerful work, Wendy shares her personal story in Part 1 and imparts 12 invaluable lessons in Part 2, exploring the impact on the brain, mind, body, nervous system, and more. It stands as an indispensable resource for anyone seeking solace and healing amidst profound grief.

 Three takeaways:

1. To be understood – you are not going crazy - You understand what happens to your mind, body, and soul when your child dies. IT is a trauma – A trauma is defined by renowned psychiatrist, author and researcher and educator Dr Bessel van der kolk as ‘the feeling that this will last forever.’ It is the effect of emotional shock.- Be kind to yourself, do not blame yourself.

2. Letting go of control and how life should be—we cannot control life or what will happen. When we resist, we suffer, and when we suppress our emotions, we become ill. Wishing and hoping that things were different keeps us stuck and lost in our suffering. We need to understand that we cannot control life. It is like a game of snakes and ladders: You throw the die, and you don’t know where you are going to land.

3. Death ends a life; it does not end a relationship – Quote from Morrie Schwartz


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