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Your Wealth is Hidden in Your Strengths 

Focus on them and see Your Business & Life Soar

Eighteen months ago I learnt about an awesome strength assessment tool that reveals a person's top 5 strengths and more depending on which level of assesment you choose to purchase.  I did my top 5 strengths as I was curious and it revealed the key reasons why I have achieved the success I have.  What I realised is that this whole time I have been fulfilling my life and business by operating primarily under these strengths.  More importantly when you do this, you tend not to need to push yourself of find energy to do the things you love.  

My passion for people, networking, commitment to completion, discipline and consistency is very obvious when you read my Top 2 Strengths.  My following 3 were: Communication, Futurist and Maximiser.  If you want to find out your Top 5 Click here...

Here is my Top 1 - Winning Others Over:

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When I read this it all made sense why I love running events, go networking all the time, am known as a social buttefly and absolutely deliver amazing retreats for our Ultimate 48 Hour Authors...

Here is my Top 2 - Achiever:

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When I read this one, it became really clear to me and my husband how much I love to achieve every single day.  If you have been following me you would start to understand why I seem like I never switch off, even on holidays... So now that we know this in my family, they know not to get upset at me when I pick up to achieve something even if on holidays - its become a bit of a fun joke for us.  Stuart often asks me: So have you achieved something today Nat?  Do you feel happy now?

I am so glad I discovered this and that intuitively I had been operating in my strengths all these years.  It's nice to also go deeper and understand them more.

There is also an Entrepreneurial Profile there you can do on yourself, but if I was to choose one I would do the Clifton Strengths Finder one first.  Have fun!

Work Hard - Play Hard!

Love Nat x