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Launching Mission De-Clutter

The long weekend is almost upon us so what will you do with your 4 days?  We were considering going up to Falls Creek last night as its the opening weekend for the snow season but with no sign of snow yet and my mum's new house settling tomorrow, we decided to do our twice a year mission to de-clutter our home.

To most people that come into our home they would think what is there to de-clutter - the house is minimalist and everything is put away, but to us we know we can generate more space and get rid of things that no longer serve us.  I mean what a great way to feel amazing and create the space for new things and opportunities to flow into life.

I wasn't always easy to let go of things, but when I met my husband Stuart he would ask me some cool questions around my needs and uses of certain items and I learnt to get rid of more things and live a simpler clutter free and minimalist life. As much as you regularly put away stuff and throw stuff out it still builds back up in your drawers, cupboards and clothes. That is why twice a year we go through every drawer and cupboard in the house to get rid of what is no longer of use and pass it onto someone that would like to have it. Our kids are in the fast growing stages too so their clothes and toys get outdated easily every 6 months.

De-cluttering is not always a fun job but like with anything I do, I make it fun. This is how:

  • Involve everyone and tell them what is happening (the kids actually really enjoy having their things back into neat and accessible place once the job is done)
  • Break it up over 3-4 days - our plan this weekend is to do solid 2 hours each day and by day 4 the whole house will be done and our long weekend will still have had lots of free time to relax and chill together.  Remember consistency is king and small efforts over a period of time give you the biggest results.
  • Put on some fun music so that you can bop around to the tunes are you do stuff.
  • Have a reward for yourselves once you are done.

People often ask me how I get everything done and my answer is I am super organised. I always have a super tidy office where I know exactly where my things are, super organised computer so I can find my files in a flash and at home I go through my stuff regularly so that I can also find things and pack my bags for all the travel I do at the drop of a hat. It doesn't take much to get this way - small efforts make for huge results.

When we move houses or get home from trips everything gets put away immediately and at the worst 24 hours. We unpacked our home and set it up in just 2 days when we moved 7 months ago. I highly recommend spending some time creating a beautiful de-cluttered space around you. It will inspire you to take more action and focus on the important things.  More importantly there will be space for you to allow for new things and opportunities to flow in...

Have fun this long weekend!

Work Hard - Play Hard...

Love Nat x

P.S.  If you want to hang out at our home in Diamond Creek as many people have in our trainings and events the past 7 months we have hosted, we have 1 spot left at our Hot Seat 9-5 day this coming Tuesday 14 June.  Email me by clicking here for more info.

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