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#LiveWithNat & Katherine Metzger

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her inspiring authors, Katherine Metzger.

Katherine Metzger is the author of the book Unapologetically You - Empower Your Authentic Self & Get Excited About Your Life.

Katherine is an international life coach who helps people discover their true power by quieting the outside noise, tuning into their own values & challenging their long held beliefs. She is a Certified Life Coach, High Performance Coach, and Elite Mentorship Trainer, and founder of eLovated life.

Katherine is passionate about helping raise global consciousness as she guides groups of like-minded peers through an intense online program, that not only gives the tools and knowledge to transform, but creates a safe space to explore life’s bigger topics and a loving community to support each other as these changes are implemented.

When she is not busy coaching clients, Katherine loves to travel, read, watch movies and go out dancing! She loves her simple New England life spent with close family, friends, her love - Joe, and their fur-babies (2 maltese puppies - Zoe & Izzy; and long-haired cat - Lumen). Watch Katherine's inspiring and insightful interview below...

Katherine's 3 Key Takeaways:
1) The power of identity (3 words to live into)
2) How to gain certainty in uncertain times (Release Meditation - set intention)
3) Uncovering your superpower to reframe any situation (Choosing language patterns & phrases that empower you)

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