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Bridging the Gap: Advancing Awareness and Understanding of Neurodiverse Relationships

#LivewithNat & Bronwyn Wilson

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her fantastic authors, Dr Bronwyn Wilson.

Dr Bronwyn Wilson is a Teacher and Researcher who is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. She is the author of the book Have They Gone Nuts? that just recently achieved the Amazon No. 1 Bestseller status.

Bron currently lives in a small beachside town in Western Australia after having moved from Queensland for her husband’s work. From working as a teacher to embarking on research, her passion for teaching students in the classroom has transformed into a passion for helping adults in neurodiverse relationships within a global classroom. Her aspiration is to contribute to building amity between autistic and neurotypical people by improving knowledge and understanding of their interaction differences and the resulting complexities they face when relating with each other.

As a wife, mother, daughter and sibling of people on the autism spectrum, Bron's life experiences have underpinned the way that she approached the research process. Rather than purely conforming to conventional interview methods, chatting and talking over many hours with her participants created a relaxed dialogue that delivered rare insights into their lives. These insights are the subject of her book.

Three Key Takeaways:

1. The Unique Challenges of Neurodiverse Relationships
2. The Dynamic System of Communication in Neurodiverse Relationships
3. Essential Strategies for Positive Outcomes in Neurodiverse Relationships

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