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True Desire Manifests Miracles in Life – How I got my Chocolates

Play the ‘I wonder game….’

I was walking past the a big make up store at Melbourne Airport today and I saw a big stand of Ferrero Rocher boxes in the middle of the store.  I thought about going in and buying a box and then quickly remembered that I was on a two week healthy eating, no sugar stint as I am going to a holiday in Thailand and I want to enjoy the holiday feasting we will be having over there.

So I walked into the make up store as I remembered I need a new mascara.  The last one I had bought there so I wanted the same one as it was so good.  This was my first step I believe closer to the chocolates.  I picked my mascara which was further away from the chocolates and moved to browse in the Mac make up section.  Then the shop assistant came to ask me if I needed some help and of course Why not?  I bought a concealer. 

She then asked a key question:  Is there anything else you I can help you with today?  I stopped for a second to ponder the question and said ‘Yes why not. I also need translucent powder.’  She was very good at recommending the right one and I listened to her passion for the make up and how much she knew.  One thing she told me about the powder was that if I didn’t have time to do the full make up routine, this would do the job as a quick cover up.  Bingo!  Save me time when I have no time – I love you!

That was it and we went to the counter.  She added it all up and it happened to be over a certain amount which qualified me to get a FREE box of chocolates of the Ferrero Rocher’s!  I just started laughing.  How I manifested that for myself.  Had I not bought the 3 items I would not have qualified.  I told her I was trying to be good in the eating and how much I wanted to box of chocolates but was never going to buy them and now she was giving them to me for FREE.  Of course I would not decline a Free gift – I would be that rude LOL.

So the box of chocolates is still unopened in my backpack on the flight and its calling out to me… How long will I resist!  Hmm I don’t think very long – its torture.  This is why they say don’t buy junk, chocolates and snacks for home as they are too accessible.

Anyway that was just one fun example of how we manifest things we truly desire in our lives.  I often do the same for some major things I have manifested my life.  I have what I now call my ‘I wonder game.’

I will give you a look into 3 of my big Manifestations in my life with my I wonder game:

  1. 10 Years before it came into reality I felt the deep desire to do what Terry Hawkins was doing when she did an awesome keynote at an OPSM conference I was a part of.  I was just a store manager at the time.  I watched her in awe and said to myself ‘I wonder how someone gets to do what she does.’ I bought her book that day and she signed it to me, I had read it 10 times at least and just last year in Feb 2015 I was speaking at a Retail company conference at the Palazzo Versace where she had apparently also spoken in the past.
  2. Around 5 Years ago I saw a post of a Female Facebook friend that she has been able to build her business to a point that her husband had quit his job.  I once again had the feeling of deep desire and said to myself ‘I wonder if I will ever be posting something like this.’

12 months later I was and my husband has now been with me in our business for three and a half years.

  1. Just last year I sat in the big Gala Awards Dinner at the Professional Speakers Convention in Canberra as only a year long member watching in awe the speakers being presented with their CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Accreditations.  Wow!  I thought ‘I wonder how long it will take me to be up there?’  This year, a month ago I was once again at the Convention this time on the Gold Coast not only receiving my CSP in under 2 years of membership but also being their major sponsor and they had named the Gala Awards dinner The Ultimate 48 Hour Author Gala Awards Dinner.  It was one of the best nights of my professional life.

We can manifest anything we put our mind and desire to.  Try on my ‘I wonder game…’ You don’t need to say anything out loud, it’s a mere thought that does not actually get shared with anyone.  I would have felt silly to share the above mentioned desires.  They were for me and I know that I had everything to do in manifesting them.  Behind desire there also has to be action, so back up your desires with this and you are sure to have the thing you deeply desire in no time.

Love Nat x

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