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Sick Means 'Go'

When moving forward into the unknown is scary and unpredicable...

Have you ever been faced with a decision that you needed to make but were not sure how it was going to turn out?  The unknown variables were making you uncertain, scared and sick to the stomach...  This normally happens when we are about to take a LEAP OF FAITH!

A leap of faith experience can feel really uncomfortable, uneasy and downright scary.  They are also the more exhilarating, rewarding and self defining moments we make.  So many people have that deep need for certainty to understand how everything will unfold, that they will be safe and the universe will look after them.

Unfortunately access to foresight is not possible in these situations, hindsight is something you can experience if you back yourself and say YES!

I am a big believer and practice this all the time SAY YES THEN WORK OUT THE HOW! As much as you can tell people everything will be ok and everything works out, the trust is missing on a personal level from the person when they hesistate about the leap.  I learnt to recognise when the call came to me by the feelings of nausea and sickness which meant I must go there.  There is where I will find my next steps, my growth and challenges that will ultimately result in rewards beyond my imagination.

I have also discovered why it is people don that Leap of Faith.  It never has anything to do with time and money.  We are resourceful beyond measure when we want to be around time and money.  When it really counts we can come up with what we need to survive and do to create the next level or achieve our goals.

So what is it that stops us?  It's so simple... What we are actually not sure of is the fact that we will follow through as actually do the work required to make the new opportunity a success.  So next time you are faced with a leap of faith experience ask yourself this:

Am I willing to do the work?

You will find that this is the only thing you should be worried about especially if you have been the type of person to try things in the past, commit and not follow through on your commitments.  Have you worked with a mentor and didn't get results because you didn't follow the advice or didn't take the action beyond your comfort zone?  Have you invested in a program only to be motivated for a few weeks and then put it back up on the shelf?

Success takes time, effort, massive action and tenacity to pick yourself up from the magnitude of No's you will get especially in the first 2 years of starting to create something new.  

I see this hesitation and uncertainty when I speak to my new potential authors to be in my Ultimate 48 Hour Author program.  They are so excited, ready, have full desire to follow through with our program, but when it comes to taking the Leap of Faith it becomes scary, uncertain and brand new area of unknown they are faced with.

Becoming an author for the first time its not just about the time and money investment but also the biggest Fear of all - Fear of stading out, success and potentially being shown up that you are not good enough.   

I would like to challenge you to start recognising when these things come up for you, notice the sick feeling in your stomach and back yourself anyway.  I promise you that you won't regret it.  I never have and each time I want to back away and woos out I ask myself the questions ''How will I know what would have been if I didn't give this a go?'  

If I am looking to solve a problem and make my life better I know there will be times of discomfort, times of doubt, time of not knowing if my investment will gain my return.  One think I know with 100% though is that I will work hard, put in massive amounts of effort and turn up even when I don't feel like it.  When I know that with certainly there is no way I can fail.

Love Nat x

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