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The Unicorn's Next Door: An Urban Yarn

Live with Nat & Suzi Hammond

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing bestselling and 2-time published authors, Suzi Hammond.

Suzi is well known in Sydney’s Inner West as a holistic healer and ‘People Renovator’. Her studio business, Islands of Bliss, specialises in training & treatment across a variety of mind/body modalities, including – transformational & remedial bodywork, post op lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, remedial skin care, pain relief nutrition, stress management, Tai Chi falls prevention & strength training for the over 50s.

Suzi is a writer, bodywork therapist, and animal reiki practitioner. She lives in a century-old cottage set in a lush garden designed as a wildlife corridor in the middle of suburbia.

When not writing or being a therapist, Suzi can be found in the depths of the garden with her two most unusual dogs – discussing all sorts of things that matter with the wild creatures who live and visit there.

Unsurprisingly, Suzi’s experiences are as quirky as she is. Recently, she has just completed and published her second book The Unicorn's Next Door, which is a children's book. Learn more about Suzi's new book below:


(1) Even with an almost foolproof 48 hour formula, writing a book still requires - (a) commitment (b) time (c) bum glue

(2) Writing your book is the smallest part of getting your book to your audience

(3) By the time you finish the process - no matter where you start from - you’ll be more tech-savvy than you thought possible.

Get to know more about Suzi, her business, and her new book here:

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