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Don't Report Rape

#LiveWithNat & Trish Wyatt

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing authors, Trish Wyatt.

Trish Wyatt is an experienced social worker turned author and activist. She is passionate about raising awareness of sexual violence and our archaic “justice” system where it is almost impossible to convict dangerous sex offenders, and where victims of sexual crimes experience further trauma.

Trish provides a raw and very personal insight into her lived experience after surviving an extremely violent and life-threatening rape and assault in regional Queensland in 2018.

The assault itself was disturbing and shocking, but what followed – from the moment she tried to report the crimes and the more than three years wait for the trial – beggars belief. So horrendous was her post-crime experience, that her genuine advice to survivors is not to report rape.

Just recently, Trish published her first book entitled "Don't Report Rape".

3 Key takeaways:

1. The book is not just a book, it's about the issue and my fight to change the system
2. Listeners to gain insight into why I titled my book 'Don't Report Rape' and
3. Insight into what the writing process has been like for me and hopefully inspire other survivors to share their stories

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