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The Stories We Carry - How to Rewrite Shame into Strength

#LiveWithNat & Jas Rawlinson

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her gorgeous authors, Jas Rawlinson.

Jas Rawlinson is an award-winning book coach, resilience speaker, and best-selling author who empowers female changemakers to transform their stories into books that create global impact. Combining her lived experience as a domestic/sexual violence survivor, with a BA degree in creative writing and psychology, Jas is highly renowned for her ability to transform people's lives from hopelessness to healing through the power of writing.

Endorsed by high-profile organisations such as America's National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Jas has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives through global outlets such as Business Insider, ABC and, and is also a proud anti-trafficking ambassador who has spent time with survivors and investigators in SE Asia.

In 2022, Jas featured in front of 100 million people via the award-winning TV series 'Adventure All Stars' as part of her mission to end child trafficking. Above all, Jas believes that everyone has a story with the power to inspire, impact, and change lives.

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