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The Scatterbrain Syndrome

Too Many Ideas Could be Killing Your Business!

If you pride yourself on being an Idea Machine I would stop and think on that one for a moment. Think about the following:

  • Have you come up with tons of ideas that you have never actually taken action on?
  • Have you always been known to change your mind from one idea to the other?
  • Do you give your ideas enough time to really see them grow - most people don't stick out the early stages of an idea or often quit when the idea or project starts to take some steps back which usually just requires a change of strategy not giving up...
  • Do you always have great ideas for other people but never for yourself?  (Hmm this one I bet its because others need to do the work not yourself)
  • How is all this going for you....

Every human being is born creative. Some just don't nurture their creative side as they grow up and age and tend to be the one that say 'I am just not creative'. Then there are those that still act like children and get excited at every thought and like to tell everyone. Bottom line is we are all creative to no limit. If you have lost your Mojo in this I suggest picking up the book 'Idea Machine' and doing the exercise in it. You will re-train yourself to start generating new ideas once again. If you are in the other group and have too many ideas - Grow UP!  

Lets talk about this second group as I believe they need more help.  I want you to remember this which I heard it said perfectly by a fellow business owner:


That's right, Focus is our issue!In today's fast paced world we are spoilt for choice.  This on the one hand in great as we get to create whatever life we choose, but on the other it makes a lot of people confused.  Remember - A confused Mind will always say 'NO'.

Wow, so having a Scatterbrain is making you confused and being confused is keeping you paralysed and stuck.  Interesting!  So how do I get you guys to overcome this.  By the way, this is just my thinking and observation on this subject after being in business for the past 6 years and building it to a firm 7 figure turnover with only myself, my husband and my virtual assistant.  

I speak from personal experience.  In the first 12 months I started around 5 new ideas and I am embarrassed to say they were 5 different business niches.  I was also still working in a day job and looking after my 18 month old.  Just imagine trying to keep all those balls up in the area.  Subsequently I have met so many people out and about networking that say, I do this and I also do that and I have this.  In their minute pitch they blurt out 3-4 things they are involved in which simply confuses the others and they don't hear anything.

Don't do that!  Pick on thing that is most appropriate to the audience and have on call to action that is relevant.  Always have a call to action.... and let me reveal something you may not have though of or realised as yet which I learnt myself too by the end of my first 18 months of business.


Money and abundance comes from Focus, Discipline and Action on one project that you will work on deep and you will stick it out no matter what.  I am not saying you should flog a dead horse but I do know 80% of the ideas and projects are great, people are the ones that stuff them up.  It's a natural human strategy to Make a decision fast and change it fast.  Do the opposite and do what successful people do - Make Your Decisions Fast but Change them Slow!

Once you have your direction and project decided upon, it is time to plan a timeline.  There is no success in Ad Hoc execution.  Success comes from working backwards from your Vision, getting up when you don't feel like it and making Consistency your Friend.  

Success is not LUCK, it is logical steps executed over a period of time.  Time varies on how long it will take you to get where you are going depending on your resources, skills and determination.  Nothing else... Pick your thing, Make the plan and Get up every time you get knock back doing and say 'I will try again tomorrow!'

Love Nat x

P.S.  I am hosting a Super Awesome webinar this coming monday 11th of April at 8pm Melbourne, Australia Time on - Focus, Plan and Execute - Your 90 Day Business Blueprint to Triple Your Clients - join me for some of my Insider tips to how I have build my 7 figure business with just a Whiteboard, A4Planner and my MYOB First Edge :)  

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