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Embracing Criticism & Sabotage

Doing More, Saying More and Knowing You are on the Right Path

The biggest reason my want to be authors don't choose to write their books is the Fear or Success.  They don't really see it as this but I know after having helped over 120 now go through this process that success does open a person up to more criticism and sabotage from the outside world.  I definitely have had a fair share of this in the past 6 years and it grows exponentially as I grow with the success I show the world I can generate.  

Criticism and Sabotage are not signs that you are doing something wrong, that you are not good enough or that you are not saying the right thing.  They are a sign that people are noticing you, they care enough to have their say because everyone is allowed to have an option.  I found this quote earlier that I though would be helpful to share:

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The key is to be able to give criticism another meaning.  Change the meaning and change how you feel about it.  Us as human beings will never like to be criticised because our Deepest Fear is that we are not good enough.  But we can learn to accept others people's thinking and in ACCEPTANCE we will find peace.  

Six days ago I decided to start writing these Blogs daily and share them into as many place as possible so that I can share my message, insights and strategies to those that may find them valuable and useful.  In just six days I have had a lot of positive encouragement, supportive comments continuously, interesting enough I have made 3 sales already and also have had differing opinions to what I think as comments too.  And that is OK, what I don't need to do is justify myself to someone that doesn't think like me.  Those people are perhaps from a different industry, they have a different experience of the world and were imprinted with different beliefs to myself.

WE CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE.  Having the confidence in what you know and sharing it with passion will attract those that are your cup of tea.  So do it for them.  Also know that the more people criticise the more you will get used to it.  The first time it happens it hurts very deep, second time it hurts again, third time it hurts a little, and subsequent times only a momentary annoyance.  In time you will be able to look at it and go THAT'S THEIR STUFF...

Speaking of their stuff, the next level of Criticism is Sabotage.  Someone doing something to really hurt your journey to success.  I had one of those moments a couple of months ago and I believe very recently but I am just trying to work out if it really was sabotage.  

A very short version of what happened was someone that has been following my growth in business and success ended up emailing the CEO of a company I was going to do a highly paid speaking gig for the following week saying that I was bad mouthing the company and they would be crazy to pay we what they were paying me.  This email obviously came to me from the CEO's assistant to comment on which I did (I had a little wreak out first that someone would go to these lengths to sabotage another person) My reply was explaining the truth and in a matter of 5 mins we had it resolved as the company knew me well, they knew who they were dealing with and wanted to just make me aware this had happened.  I did my speaking gig and all ended up well without any damage to our relationship.

In situations like this we know that it's never about us (even though you can second guess yourself that you did something wrong when you haven't) but we never get to see the full story play out.

Three weeks after the sabotage I had a phone call from the person that did this as a long winded apology of how horrible they felt and how sorry they were to have done this.  Basically the person said that this was eating away at them and it was jealousy that had overcome them to go to this length.  So there you go, point proven - IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEM.

My husband and I were quite surprised to receive this phone call, but at the same time glad it happened as it showed the real truth to sabotage and criticism which is the softer version.  

Embrace these two, they are real signs people are watching and listening and you are doing enough promotion of who you are and what you do.  Your Personal Brand is Key in every career, business and in life.  Those that appreciate you will be in your court and you won't be alone.  

Speak your truth and have your opinion and do more of that.  Say what you think, don't hold back and remember:


The last thing I also never do is worry or look what the competition is doing. I am in my own world, doing my own thing, attracting those that are right for me. In my experience I have never even researched the things I've put out there as businesses and ideas, I have been intuitive to notice what others see in me that they want for themselves and create that. I don't need Google for that. Subsequently my ideas especially of late (I am more versed at this)  take off like rockets.


Love Nat x

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