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The Power Inclusion and Acceptance

#LivewithNat & Julie Fisher

Monday morning live with Natasa Denman featuring one of her amazing multi-published authors, Julie Fisher, who is also part of the Ultimate 48 Hour Author Team.

Julie had a dream to write a book and in 2018, she meet Nat and Stuart Denman, and from there, her dream began to unfold into a reality.Julie completed her first book "The Unexpected Journey" in September 2019 and even though she didn’t expect it, her whole life began to change. She began to be asked to speak about her journey and what she is passionate about and found herself becoming a voice for her son and others living with a disability. In 2020, Julie published her second book "The Magic of Inclusion" and is enjoying working with groups such as Carers Victoria and Australia, Down Syndrome Victoria and Australia, and looking forward to working with many other groups in the future. Her life has definitely changed and she is enjoying where her books are taking her. Currently, Julie is working on her book 3 and a business to raise awareness and help families. Watch her interview below...


Thank you very much for watching, here are my 3 Key takeaways from this interview:

The life-changing magic of acceptance and inclusion Embracing individuality and diversity Focusing on abilities and celebrating successes Get to know more about Julie Fisher at

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