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The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs is Built Now... 

What do we want them to believe and value moving forward?

Today was a really special day. My middle child Mika (almost 5) and I went to a special mother and daughter high tea event where we got to experience shopping, dancing, fashion parade, high tea, getting up on stage a couple of times and tons of networking. It was a huge and long day for Mika I am sure she will remember always. As we were leaving she said 'I want to come back to this place again.'

More importantly she learnt so many things by watching, modelling and responding to those around her.  Here are my insights as I played the teacher, role model and observer of what unfolded today.

I knew she would be shy around people she has never met so as we drove in, we set the scene that lots of people were going to come and say 'hi' because mama knew them and to say hi back and always a thank you if she received a compliment. We had back up flat shoes if our heels were getting too much and made it a rule we had to look our best until the awards were given out.

This was her first lesson in Networking. Mika has never been around a lot of people and runs away when anyone new comes over so this was a huge step for her and she pulled it off like a pro. By the end of it she was chatting to everyone and saying bye. She questioned me as to why she should talk back and when I asked her why not, she said because I don't know them. I told her that was smart as being a kid we must be careful of strangers but if mama knows someone it is safe to talk to them.

She had no problems in the shopping arena and very gracefully accepted the compliments she received. One thing that I don't think many adults do well. We put in a lot of effort in our matching outfits, hats and shoes - Mika even said in the car when I was saying there will be best hat, shoes and outfit awards that she wanted us to win something. The first step to Manifesting it. And guess what?  We did - we won Best Shoes and went up on Stage to receive it. I took her with me even though the winners were only adults. I wanted her to start getting used to being the centre of attention.   I wanted her to be open to standing out and be seen. Key to a Successful Entrepreneur.

She also had no problems with being first on the dance floor.  That was her favourite part and you can really see how a child has that real deep desire to let go and generate some energy.  Something we must have to generate interest and hype around what we do.

After the dancing it was back to a fashion show and out of the blue after a couple of people had sung songs on the day, the organiser Josie, called us up on stage.  I was not prepared to say anything at all, but Josie wanted to honour us and tell everyone about what I did with the Ultimate 48 Hour Author retreats.  So I had to think quick.  The theme of the day seemed to involve singing (we had a 14 year old boy Emmanuel that sang beautifully) and then a daughter to her mother sang the song Simply the Best.  So I said to Josie, I also have a song.

Now I am not a singer, I have never learnt to sing properly but I love it anyway.  I thought I'd give it a go to show Mika even when you are not good at something you can still do it and nothing will happen.  So I started with shaky voice now that everyone was waiting:  'I believe the children are our future, treat them well and help them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside, give them a sense of pride....' I did around 30 seconds before I forgot the words.

We had a laugh and a few women afterwards said that it was great what I did.  My daughter got to see her mother vulnerable and acknowledged me as we drove home how nice it was that I sang to her on the stage.  She didn't care what it was and how well I sang, she was just happy I did it for her.  She even made up this song which I wish I had recorded that summarised the whole day and experience she had.  It was amazing how much of all of the moments she absorbed even when I think she wasn't really paying attention.

Our mothers day was pulled forward by a week and what an unforgettable experience we had.  I have to travel next week and I will miss the real mothers day with my family.  We celebrated last night with my amazing mum that makes me laugh every time I see her and one of the fun things we did then was play this game that you too may like to try with your family.  Everyone had a go at answering these:

1.  What's the best thing about your mum?

2. What are 3 profound things your mum has taught you that you still remember to this day.  They can be something she has always said to you.

My kids definately don't leave a normal life where the parents are 9-5 Mon to Fri. They see us work late, travel lots for business and pleasure, they get to learn positive beliefs about money and overall what is possible if you put your mind to it. They are sponges, they may not be able to articulate what we are imprinting on them right now, but I know the next generation of entrepreneurs is happening right now... The status quo is something they will not even comprehend. Have awesome week ahead.

Love Nat x

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