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How to Get Bums on Seats to Your Events when You have NO Budget!

The biggest challenge for those that organise and want to run events is filling the room successfully.  After 5 years of consistently running events on very little or no budget, I am about to get my 7th book from the print run in a matter of days.  Bums on Seats - How to Promote Prepare and Profit from Webinars Seminars and Retreats co-written with Francesca Moi.

In light of that I wanted to share with you one of my recent webinars on this topic and connect auditorily for a change with some super cool content and insights around this topic.  Enjoy xxx

Love Nat x

P.S. If you are in Melbourne on 17 May 2016 we'd love to see you at the Book Launch in Doncaster. For details go here...

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